If you have a home whose facade is covered in stucco, then it will look more textural and more unified than other homes whose exteriors are covered in intricate patterns of siding and trim. As such, stucco should be approached differently when you are choosing the paint color for your home’s exterior. Here at Integrity Painting, we have a few years of experience painting stucco homes here in Winnipeg, and over the years, we’ve found that some paint colors work better than others. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips that you can use to help you settle on the best paint color for your stucco home. Here are some considerations that you can weigh as you look at paint swatches, as well as a quick list of our favorite stucco paint colors — oh, and when you’re ready to have your home painted, you can always give us a call, we’re eager to help!

Consider Gutters, Roofing, and Other Fixtures

First thing’s first, you should consider the other colors and textures that already exist around your home. Ask yourself: How will the color of my gutters interact with my new stucco paint? What about the color of my roofing material? What about the shutters of my windows, the exterior light fixtures, or even the front door? All of these smaller components of your home will actually serve as accents to the main color that you choose for your home’s exterior, so you should compare paint swatches against these components to decide on a paint color that works well with all of those features.

Consider Your Landscaping

Now, you should also consider the surrounding landscape around your property. If you have a modern landscape with lots of rock, concrete planters, and other simple features, then you might want to stick with more modern tones. Consider neutral colors, including greys, whites, charcoals, and neutral browns if your home rests in a modern landscape.

On the other hand, if you have a home that is surrounded by trees, a garden, and blooming flowers, then you can opt for a more natural tone for your home’s facade. Opt for a stucco color like green or a neutral blue to reflect the natural setting of your home. Earthy colors look great on properties whose landscape serves as a major focal point and feature.

Trim and Paintable Accents

Once you have a main color in mind, you can start weighing your options for the trim of your home and other paintable features across its facade — if there are any. Now, plenty of stucco homes simply don’t have trim. And plenty stucco homes don’t have many additional features that can be painted (like the shutters of windows, the doors, etc.). If you do have paintable features and trim around your home, then you have another opportunity to select a paint color. For most homes, we recommend that you stick with a color that is similar to your main, base color. Often, it’s best to choose a hue that is simply a few shades darker for the trim and accents of your house. Alternatively, you can opt for a different color that truly serves as a bold accent — if you want a playful, exciting composition, you might consider painting your front door firetruck red and your window shutters navy blue if you have a white stucco home. The options here are limitless, so be sure to compare swatches side by side as you start pairing colors for your upcoming exterior paint job.

Our Favorite Stucco Colors

As we mentioned, we’ve gained a keen eye for tasteful stucco colors over the years. And we’ve found that a few color options tend to remain timeless. Here’s our short list of favorite stucco colors:

Timeless Tans and Browns

Tans and browns are certainly the most popular choice for stucco homes, and there’s a reason for that: These colors work. Tans and browns work well on stucco because they look natural. These hues quietly bring out the textural clay-like quality of the stucco surfaces of homes, making them look as if they were built from the earth. You can opt for a tan or brown tone for nearly any stucco home, and it will work well, regardless of the size of the home and its overall composition.

Grand Greys

Greys are just as promising as tans and browns. However, greys are as neutral a tone as they come, so you’ll have to rely on other features of your home to serve as its accents. Consider a coat of grey if your home has a modern style. You can also consider grey if your landscape includes trees and shrubs that butt up against your home, since the neutral tone will make these features pop out more. Darker greys look great for small- to medium-sized homes, while lighter greys are best for larger homes or multi-story homes (since dark greys can be overwhelming over large surfaces).

Neutral Blues

Neutral blues are also an excellent choice for stucco facades that serve as a backdrop to accents. Again, you can go with neutral blues if you have a home with trim accents, painted doors, shutters, or even landscaping features abutting the exterior walls of your abode. If you do have trim, you don’t have to limit yourself to a darker shade of blue (as we mentioned in the section above). Instead, you can opt for a white, or off-white paint color to break up the composition of your home. Like greys, darker neutral blues look best on small- to medium-sized homes, while they may be overpowering for larger homes or homes without many features to break up the composition.

Natural Greens

Natural greens are ideal for homes that are well-integrated with their landscapes. You can opt for an evergreen color, a dark mint color, or a green-grey to serve as a backdrop to the trees, shrubs, and other plants of your landscape. Natural greens always work well with stucco, since this is an earthy hue that makes the most of the attractive texture of stucco. Take note, green paint may be too overwhelming for larger homes.

White and Off-White

White and off-white can serve to highlight the texture of your stucco, and these tones can look great for a variety of homes. That said, you should be cautious when considering white or off-white for the surface of your facade, since these colors get dirty easily. You’ll have to clean white stucco surfaces far more often than all of the other colors we mentioned above. Consider pure white if you have a highly modern home. Off-whites work well with more traditional homes, and all white paints can be paired with bold colors to make exciting accents pop throughout the composition of your property.

Update Your Stucco Home Today

If you’ve settled on a color or two for your stucco surfaces, we’re here to apply the paint. We can also help you to decide on the final color for your home if you’re still on the fence. Feel free to reach out to us to get your home exterior painting project off the ground. Once again, we provide painting services for folks throughout Winnipeg!