1. Setting the Mood with Color

    Before you choose your interior paint color, think about the psychological effects that color will have on you. You may not think about the colors of your walls too often, but every color is proven to add a different energy or personality to a home and the people who reside there. Remember that the most attractive color combination may not have the best emotional effect on those who view it. Take …Read More

  2. Updating Your Home’s Exterior with Colour

    After a few years, your dream home will naturally start to see a little wear. To keep the exterior of your home from feeling too tired, try freshening it up with some paint. There are a few key places that—with a new coat of colour—will get your home feeling alive again. Freshen up your front door If you feel like your house is blending in with the rest of the block, consider adding a bright n…Read More

  3. Matching your Paint Colour with your Furniture

    Finding a wall colour to complement your furniture set can seem like a daunting task. When you want your room to look professional, you need to be sure that you pick just the right shade of paint. A few tips will help you find the perfect colour to match your favorite furniture piece. First, pull a colour from that piece of furniture. That colour will be the foundation for your room’s colour sch…Read More