1. Man Pressure Washing Driveway

    6 Things to Make Your Home’s Exterior Look Amazing

    Whether you’re looking to sell your house soon or you simply want to have the best curb appeal on the block, there are several things about your home’s exterior that can greatly enhance its overall appearance. In addition to just looking great, however, a few of the following things will also ensure that your home is safe and protected from future issues that may occur. The house you live in i…Read More

  2. Roller, Ladder, and Fresh Coat of Orange Paint

    Is Your Home’s Paint Eco-Friendly?

    There are dozens of things in your home that can affect the quality of the air, the amount of energy used, and how sustainable your home is in general. Many homeowners think of their home’s heating and cooling costs, their air filters, or the energy-efficiency of the windows. But one factor that many homeowners don’t consider is the paint on the walls. House paint isn’t something that we thi…Read More

  3. Stucco Home With New Paint

    Benefits and Disadvantages to a Stucco Home

    Stucco has been around since ancient Greek and Roman times, when they would use gypsum, marble dust, and glue to build homes and create walls for fresco paintings. The material is still being used today for a strong and durable home siding material; however, the makings for stucco have changed considerably, adding to the strength of the material. But even though stucco has been used for hundreds o…Read More

  4. Painter Reaching Eve of Home Exterior

    Tips on Repairing Stucco

    A stucco home has a certain charm about it — maybe it’s because there’s such a long history to the material or the smooth appearance it gives a home — but either way, stucco is a strong and durable material that many Winnipeg homeowners love. However, just like any other material used for home siding, it does need maintenance and sometimes even stucco repair. Stucco can crack, chip, and br…Read More

  5. Modern Home With Grey Exterior Paint

    Preparing Your Home for Market: Top Improvements to Make

    Whether you’re looking to improve the equity in your home, or you’re planning on selling your home soon, then it may prove beneficial to invest in your abode to earn returns in the future. That said, some investments are better than others (and some can actually lose you money!), so how can you be sure that you’re investing wisely with your home improvements? Well, we’ve collected some of …Read More

  6. Modern Home With Blue and Grey Exterior Paint

    Home Exterior Painting Colours to Avoid

    When it comes to painting, your home’s exterior is a huge blank canvas. And it can be intimidating to choose a colour palette to coat all those surfaces. What’s worse is that if you don’t like the outcome of your paint job, there’s only one option: Paint it all again. So, how can you ensure that you land on the right colour the first time? And what colours and colour schemes should you avo…Read More

  7. Laundry Room/Bathroom With Fresh Paint Walls

    Bathroom Painting Tips

    Do you still have bubble-gum pink walls that “match” the avocado green toilet and tub that were installed in your home’s bathroom way back in the 70s? Well, maybe that’s an indication that it’s time to paint your walls, if not renovate your bathroom altogether. Here at Integrity Painting, that’s a project that we can get behind. We’d be happy to help you settle on the perfect hue for…Read More

  8. Bedroom With Bright Blue Walls

    Bedroom Painting Tips

    Painting your bedroom is exciting, yet we find that folks are often on the fence about the best colour scheme for this room in particular. For whatever reason, we find that homeowners hold their bedrooms dear to their hearts and place extra care in selecting the colours with which they paint their bedrooms. That’s why we’ve collected a few tips that you can try out to help you to choose the pe…Read More

  9. Aquamarine Interior Wall Color

    Plants & Paint: Colour Theory & Interior Design Tips

    If your home houses more plants than people, then you may be basing your interior design on domestic flora, instead of the fixtures and furnitures that traditionally hold weight in home interiors. Here at Integrity Painting, we celebrate those homeowners who bring life boldly into their homes, creating warm, beautiful spaces that breathe. Today, we’re outlining a few interior design tips, mostly…Read More

  10. Home Kitchen With Tan Walls

    Kitchen Cabinetry & Colours: Tips to Match Your Walls & Cabinets

    Your kitchen cabinetry is a powerful component of the design of your kitchen. Plus, unlike other rooms throughout your home, your kitchen will hold cabinets that break up the space far more than a sofa or bed. As such, your cabinets hold special weight as you begin to select a paint colour for your kitchen walls. So how do you decide on a wall colour that matches your cabinetry? Are you overwhelme…Read More