We Paint All Spaces and Surfaces

When it comes to the interior (and exterior) of your home, there’s no space we can’t paint. We provide all of the following interior painting services for our neighbors here in Winnipeg:

Bedroom Painting: If it’s time to update your bedroom with inspiring colours or a textured paint job, we’re here to help. We make quick work of bedrooms, since they’re often one of the easier rooms to paint (they usually don’t have many detailed components and fixtures, and obstructions to deal with). Count on Integrity to paint any and all of the bedrooms in your home. We also provide colour matching services (which is great if you have to repaint a repaired wall, or if you’d like to update the accent walls in a room), as well as colour consultations (if you can’t decide on the perfect colour for your bedroom).

Bathroom Painting: Unlike the bedrooms in your home, it’s likely that your bathroom has numerous areas that will require special attention. With fixtures, backsplashes, mirrors, windows, doors, showers, and bathtubs, your bathroom can be one of the trickiest spaces to paint. Fortunately we have all the right tools and tricks to make even the most complicated spaces a snap. For pristine lines, and a perfectly consistent, thorough paint job, you can count on Integrity Painting. Again, we can provide textured painting for the bathrooms of your home, and we provide colour matching and colour consultation services.

Kitchen Painting: Your kitchen is likely the most popular space in your home. As such, it’s the best space to make an impression with your guests. So, when you want to make a good impression, you can count on Integrity Painting to provide a premium paint job for your kitchen.

Office Painting: Whether you work at home, or you use your office as a space to set up a desktop computer, this space isn’t to be forgotten. We find that homeowners often place extra care in selecting a colour, texture, or wallpaper for their office, since it can affect the mood of the workspace. We understand that urge to get it right. Count on us to give your office an upgrade, whether you need a fresh coat of paint, or a layer of creative wallpaper.

Living Room Painting: Your living room should be a calm, welcoming space. The right coat of paint can go a long way to improve the aesthetic and mood that your living room generates. If you’re considering painting your living room, you can count on Integrity Painting to provide you with an incredible look, and a beautiful update for your home. Once again, if you need help choosing a colour (or colours) for your living room, we provide colour consultations. Plus, we provide colour matching services, if you’d like to sample and match colours from any walls throughout your home.

Painting Hallways, Ceilings, Etc.: While these spaces often go overlooked, they make your home a contiguous space. As such, a poorly painted ceiling or an odd-looking hallway can be an eyesore. Count on us to ensure that every space in your home is complimentary. The team here at Integrity Painting can transform the whole of your home by painting its entire interior.

Trim Painting: When it comes to your trim, every line counts. As an accent to your walls and components of your home, your trim draws the eye, which means that it requires special attention when painted. At Integrity Painting, we know how much a properly painted trim can have an impact on the look of your home. So, for perfect lines, and perfectly uniform trim, you can count on our expertise.