Before you choose your home’s interior paint color, think about the psychological effects that color will have on you. You may not think about the colors of your walls too often, but every color is proven to add a different energy or personality to a home and the people who reside there.

Remember that the most attractive color combination may not have the best emotional effect on those who view it.

Take a look at these three categories of paint colors to narrow down what emotion you want to channel for your interior space:


Hot reds, oranges, and yellows are considered active colors.

Red adds excitement to a space. Bright reds can even raise blood pressure and get your heart racing.

Orange is full of vibrancy and energy. An orange room with keep you motivated and feeling alive.

Yellow is a happy and fun color. It also evokes energy in a space. However, take caution. A huge room of yellow is proven to actually agitate its occupants.

All of these colors stimulate conversation and create an active environment. The warm colors are associated with the warmth that comes from friendly interactions and relationships.


Cooler blues, greens, and purples are passive colors.

Blues, like the gentle waves of the sea, are relaxing and tranquil. Lavender tones have a similar calming effect.

Green is a restful color and is often easy on the eyes. This color in a space will help you concentrate, so it’s a great color for a space that you spend a lot of time working in.

These chilling tones will help you slow down, relax, or focus on anything you need to get done.


Your creams, whites, and grays create a neutral palette for your space. As you add or take away colors in the room’s décor, you can create or change the mood in an instant.

These colors also allow you to change the accent colors in your space to accommodate new trends and styles.

So the next time you paint your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom in your home, think about what feelings you want to evoke. Use these color guidelines to get you started.

If you have conflicting opinions about a color palette, consult with a color professional. Be sure to get your best results by hiring a professional painting team to give your interior space the high-quality paint job it deserves. You can always count on the local painting experts here at Integrity Painting for painting services throughout Winnipeg!