1. Stucco Home With New Paint

    Benefits and Disadvantages to a Stucco Home

    Stucco has been around since ancient Greek and Roman times, when they would use gypsum, marble dust, and glue to build homes and create walls for fresco paintings. The material is still being used today for a strong and durable home siding material; however, the makings for stucco have changed considerably, adding to the strength of the material. But even though stucco has been used for hundreds o…Read More

  2. Painter Reaching Eve of Home Exterior

    Tips on Repairing Stucco

    A stucco home has a certain charm about it — maybe it’s because there’s such a long history to the material or the smooth appearance it gives a home — but either way, stucco is a strong and durable material that many Winnipeg homeowners love. However, just like any other material used for home siding, it does need maintenance and sometimes even stucco repair. Stucco can crack, chip, and br…Read More