1. Paint Rollers Color Wheel

    Hue, Tint, Tone, and Shade — What’s the difference?

    For the average person, the words hue, tint, tone, and shade are generally used interchangeably. And this doesn’t usually cause any problems on an average day, but when you’re selecting paint colours for rooms inside your home, your exterior house colour, or your office, and depending on who you’re talking to, which word you use can make those conversations easier. If you’re planning on hi…Read More

  2. Man Pressure Washing Driveway

    6 Things to Make Your Home’s Exterior Look Amazing

    Whether you’re looking to sell your house soon or you simply want to have the best curb appeal on the block, there are several things about your home’s exterior that can greatly enhance its overall appearance. In addition to just looking great, however, a few of the following things will also ensure that your home is safe and protected from future issues that may occur. The house you live in i…Read More

  3. Home With Wood Shake Exterior

    How The Weather Can Affect Your Home’s Paint

    It’s nice to be able to go inside and find protection from the elements when it’s raining, snowing, extremely windy, or even really hot. Even though it’s obvious, and maybe a little silly to point it out, your home’s siding is never able to escape from the weather. Through all of the different seasons, through all of the rain and hours of intense sun, the siding and the paint on your home …Read More

  4. Paint Roller Painting Wall Red

    Signs Your Interior Walls Need Fresh Paint

    When was the last time you looked at the walls in your house? Unless you have kids who like to draw on the walls or if you recently rearranged family portraits, there’s a good chance that it’s been a while. We don’t often think about the condition of the paint on the walls unless there’s a reason to. And for many homeowners, this means that the walls haven’t been touched in years. Are yo…Read More

  5. Man Taping Off Window for Painting

    8 Things That Can Cause a House Painting Job to Fail

    The house painting process involves a lot of preparation of the siding material, cleaning, and making sure windows and other surfaces are covered. In addition, the temperature at the time and other weather conditions can interfere with the siding material and the paint. Homeowners often try to tackle this project on their own, and sometimes it turns out just fine. But many other times significant …Read More

  6. Roller, Ladder, and Fresh Coat of Orange Paint

    Is Your Home’s Paint Eco-Friendly?

    There are dozens of things in your home that can affect the quality of the air, the amount of energy used, and how sustainable your home is in general. Many homeowners think of their home’s heating and cooling costs, their air filters, or the energy-efficiency of the windows. But one factor that many homeowners don’t consider is the paint on the walls. House paint isn’t something that we thi…Read More